Ki Development

Ki Development classes consist of gentle exercises to improve co-ordination of mind and body

Aikido for adults and youth (14+)

Saturday 10am — 12 noon

The beautiful, flowing, relaxed, and yet powerful, movements of Aikido are performed to the students own level of ability. It can therefore be practiced by men and women equally.


Dimitri Popolov, 5th Dan

20 years of practice with Ki Federation of Great Britain

For your first classes you may wear any loose, comfortable clothing and wear sandals or flip-flops between the changing rooms and the mat. Toe and fingernails should be short and clean to prevent any injury and jewellery should be removed. Eventually, however, a white Kidogi should be worn by men and a white Kidogi and black hakama by women.

You are welcome to try a class or just observe. Please email us to make sure that the class on that particular date is on: london(at)canadiankifederation(dot)com

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