Duende … is the spirit which inspires those extraordinary, perhaps fleeting, moments in Flamenco (as in other arts like the corrida, or bull-fighting) when the performer achieves a total communion with his audience. Only the truest artistry and afición, free of any taint of egoism or showmanship, can create the possibility of this occurring. ItContinue reading “Duende”

Tough guy role

Stu Grimson on playing the tough guy role and the toll it takes: https://www.cbc.ca/playersvoice/entry/the-grim-reaper-meets-his-nemesis In our daily life many of us play tough roles and are in need of means to cope. Coming from warrior tradition Ki Aikido offers a unique way to resolve conflicts in a non-violent way. Since its primary focus is trainingContinue reading “Tough guy role”

2nd Dan at 94

From the Ki Federation web-site: … We don’t normally take photographs of gradings. However, Rose, at age 94, gave us permission to take and publish these images from her 2nd Dan Grading. http://kifederationofgreatbritain.co.uk/all-articles/october-2019-aikido-update/ As a bit of background: It typically takes around 6 years of practice to achieve 2nd Dan, that should give an ideaContinue reading “2nd Dan at 94”