First Brown belt in the club!

We are very happy to announce that one of our students has passed his Brown belt examination today. It’s the first brown belt in the club – a great result of a three-year long commitment. Congratulations and all the best on your way to the black belt, Camil!


The Summer School 2017 is over…

Fulfilling, inspiring, profound, miraculous, happy – the Summer School 2017 is over. And here we are, back to our daily lives, ready to share everything we’ve learnt and to illuminate as many hearts as possible ❤20728696_1067115013425155_2615763713131761562_o

Hey-ho Away We Go!

Summer Seminar in the HQ, Somerset, the UK, is right around the corner!
We are looking forward to meeting all our old friends as well as making new ones, practising every day for two weeks in a raw, having socials, fancy dress party and much more. Meanwhile in Canada 🙂 there will be no classes till the mid-August. We are back on the mat on August 17th, Thursday. Stay tuned!DSCF1886

Merry Christmas!

What a marvelous year in the Forest City Ki Aikido club!
One new student, 5 new Kyu grades, 3 new Dan grades and one new student on the Ki Aikido for Ladies program.
Also, the warmest thank you to each and everyone who came today and brought their families (and foods!) to our Christmas party making it such a sparkle!
Merry Christmas to everyone,
we are on during the holidays (except Dec 25th) – don’t miss a beat!


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