Merry Christmas!

What a marvelous year in the Forest City Ki Aikido club!
One new student, 5 new Kyu grades, 3 new Dan grades and one new student on the Ki Aikido for Ladies program.
Also, the warmest thank you to each and everyone who came today and brought their families (and foods!) to our Christmas party making it such a sparkle!
Merry Christmas to everyone,
we are on during the holidays (except Dec 25th) – don’t miss a beat!


Introductory classes for Women: location might change

Important update re Introductory classes for women:
since we are looking for a new dojo, please, contact to confirm the location: natalia.popolov(at); +1-226-224-6148
First class is October 4th, 10 a.m. – noon

Anne Kilgour of Whistler Aikido on Mountain Mornings

Listen to Anne, our friend and teacher in Whistler Ki Aikido club, speaking about what Aikido is and how it can be applied to our daily life.

Anne Kilgour of Whistler Aikido on Mountain Mornings

Introductory Classes For Women

Starting from October the 4th, Tuesday, there are introductory Ki Development/ Aikido classes for women running at 430 Waterloo from 10 a.m. till noon with a tea break.
The unique principles of Ki Aikido are directly applicable to our daily lives. They provide a practical method of dealing with many problems that we may face. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and may be practiced equally by people of any size, age or ability.

You are also welcome to visit our general classes on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings

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