Introductory classes for Women: location might change

Important update re Introductory classes for women:
since we are looking for a new dojo, please, contact to confirm the location: natalia.popolov(at); +1-226-224-6148
First class is October 4th, 10 a.m. – noon

Anne Kilgour of Whistler Aikido on Mountain Mornings

Listen to Anne, our friend and teacher in Whistler Ki Aikido club, speaking about what Aikido is and how it can be applied to our daily life.

Anne Kilgour of Whistler Aikido on Mountain Mornings

Introductory Classes For Women

Starting from October the 4th, Tuesday, there are introductory Ki Development/ Aikido classes for women running at 430 Waterloo from 10 a.m. till noon with a tea break.
The unique principles of Ki Aikido are directly applicable to our daily lives. They provide a practical method of dealing with many problems that we may face. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and may be practiced equally by people of any size, age or ability.

You are also welcome to visit our general classes on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings

Summer School is over..

.. we are back safe, sound and full of Ki. We are very happy to congratulate all friends who passed their Dan grading and those who were awarded higher grades, as well as very proud to say that now our club has a new 2nd Dan and a new 3rd Dan. Well done!

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See more photos from the Summer School on our Facebook page

Summer School 2016

It was a lovely class, the last one at this school year. Now we are heading to Mark, Somerset, UK for two weeks of intensive training. Looking forward to meeting old and new friends, partying and visiting Bath, Wells and Cheddar. Gonna be back on the mat August 18th full of Ki.

Summer School 2016 starts here

Praise for members

Praise for MembersHere is a nice testimonial with praise for members. It is from John Glauert, who lives in Mark, just down the road from Headquarters. He kindly hosted the stay of 13 of our members at his property over the course of the Summer Seminar, either camping or as bed and breakfast. This included students from Canada, Australia, Russia and France. John subsequently wrote a letter to Sensei Williams and Sensei Margaret, part of which is reproduced here…

“What always impresses me is how respectful they are of me and my property. They are a real credit to the ethos inspired by you and the Ki Federation, and it is a privilege to have them staying at my home and in my garden. It was a wonderful experience to have a sort of United Nations Assembly on site, and I often think how peaceful a world we would be living in if it was run by Ki Aikido Students!!! I feel proud and privileged to be associated in a small way with you and the Ki Federation of Great Britain.”

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Fall Call and New Schedule

Hi all,

Summer Seminar 2015 is over. Sensei Dimitri and one of our students are back full of Ki and stories.

Join us this Fall for three classes a week:

Thursday 530pm-630pm – Ki Development
Thursday 630pm-730pm – Ki Aikido
Saturday 9am-11am – Ki Aikido

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